School is the temple of learning. students are taught to be winners in their lives by the management and dedicated staff. in Scholarship examination we are getting top results. we are able to achieve this success only by the trust of parents upon us and hard work of students, teachers and the management.

A.V.J. Public school strives to give a complete formation to all the students. It combines study with training in Arts, Sports, Dance, Yoga, Computers, Cultural and Social activities leading to the total development of the person.

The parents of the students constitute an integral part of A.V.J. family. Others who play a vital role in the education of the Students are the school management, teachers and the students themselves. It is proposed to have a regular meeting involving all these vital elements to discuss the problem relating to education. Parents are welcomed to meet class teachers, teachers, Principal and the Director with an appointment.

We always begin the task with tiny tots the kindergarten is the starting point of the journey to become a worthy would citizen. A positive experience at this level will create a strong foot hold to acquire various skills and natural enthusiasm for a spontaneous learning through play and freedom of expression. In the primary level, the syllabus is designed with flexibility, mainly, activity based study on numbers, language and nature, extra-curricular activities fostering on creativity and computer studies.

The School has adopted the most popular curriculum of the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The system is time tested and inculcates modern ways and deletes the out moded , every year. Though it caters to the need of modern man, it high lights the virtues of Indian tradition, culture and philosophy.

The Academic Year begins on the first working day of June &ends on the last working day of March. School timing 9.30 am to 3.45 pm.

Compulsory Medical Check up is arranged for all students to ensure that they are healthy and active.

The School Store provides a range of stationery items including text books, note books, uniforms, pencils, erasers, crayons, etc. on construction rate.

All Students are expected to wear the prescribed uniforms everyday. On Wednesday White Uniform .The use of Jewellery and Mobile Phones are strictly prohibited. THE child should not bring any money or valuable articles any harmful tools to the school.

The children can avail themselves of the School Bus facilities provided. Well experienced drivers and attendants are detailed to ensure that the trips are conducted safely and promptly.

The teaching staff do not merely 'teaches '. They are also joyous participants in an interactive process of learning. A team of well qualified, experienced talented and dedicated teachers strive for excellence.

Our School Library helps students with various titles and periodicals inspire them to cultivate reading habits. We believe that books are there true friends than educates, entertains and inspire young mind. " All students are members of the library " Books on per students will be issued at specified time and to be returned with in 10 days. " The reference books and periodicals are to be read in leisure hours in the Library itself. " If books are damaged or lost it should be replaced or pay the cost by the borrower. " Parents and well-wishers can donate good books to the Library endorsine their name in the book. And this will be acknowledged in the assembly.

Registration for admission to all classes for the new academic year commences on the first week of January every year. Application forms and prospectus are available at the office of the school.

LKG-A child must have completed 3 years by 1st January of the year of admission. UKG-A child must have completed 4 years by 1st January of the year of admission

Withdrawal of students during a school year is not generally allowed. However, if a student is to be withdrawn for reasons beyond the control of the parent/guardian a calendar month notice must be submitted to the principal with reasons thereof. In the case of withdrawal without notice all the dues for the notice period will have to be paid. Transfer Certificates are issued after all dues are cleared. The Principal may also ask the parent/guardian to withdraw their wards if they do not meet the school or is incapable of further improvements despite all good efforts.

Regular attendance in class is compulsory for promotion. Students with less than 85% attendance will not be considered for promotion. However this may be waved in exceptionally deserving cases on medical grounds, by the Principal.

Parents should ensure that their wards do absent themselves from school without valid reason. Permission for absence must be obtained before taking leave expect in illness. A written application, preferably in this diary, must be submitted to the class teacher for permission. When a student returns to school after an unexpected absence, the reason for the absence should be certified in this diary, by the parents/guardian. If the absence is likely to be prolonged, the Principal should be informed at the earliest. Absence on the first day after holidays or for the examinations will be viewed seriously.

Three mid term examinations and three terminal examinations will be conducted every year along with other regular tests. All answer scripts of all examinations except the final one, will be sent to the parents for scrutiny, signature and return. Suitable changes in the mode and pattern of examinations will be made when found necessary, and will be informed to the parents.

Notice of two days must be given for any certificate or document required from school.

Promotion is granted on the basis of the whole year's work of the pupil. Records or periodical tests, mid term tests, terminal examinations will be taken into account at the time of the promotion. Results declared at the end of the year are final and binding. Results will be withheld if the dues are not paid up to date.

The school arranges a study tour every year and the expense will be collected at the time. Safety and security for every child will be ensured.

This is a non profitable and charitable institution. Shared and involved in such activities are required to the possible extent. Day to day expenses and further development expenditure have to be met by the amount of fees collected. The school collect the lowest fee and spent for the school functioning.

The yearly fees are collected in three installments.1st term fees on or before 5th of June, 2nd term fees on or before 5th of September, 3rd term fees on or before 5th of December at the office between 10 Am. To 4 pm. It can be paid with a fine of Rs.50/-before the 10th of the months scheduled. Bus fee is collected in advance on or before 5th of every month. if defaulted a fine of Rs.50 will be charged.